Man Hole and Cone Clamp SRG UNI 1.5

Probst Manhole and Pipe Laying Equipment


Fast Hire & Sales is your authorised Probst Dealer has for Hire and Sale of the Probst SRG Man Hole and Cone Clamp.

The Probst SRG Uni 1.5 is designed for the transportation and installation of Manhole Rings and Cones,

The Probst SRG is lightweight complete with automatically adjustable clamping claws ensures quick and safe transportation of manhole rings and cones

SGR UNI 1.5 – Specification

Nominal Value ID of cones amd manholes (mm)

800 – 2000 mm

Number of Claws


Gripping Range of Claws (mm)

40 – 120mm

Caring Capacity (KG)

1500 KG

Dead Weight (KG)



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